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Foshan GCD Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.(GCD) provides complete vehicle assembly equipment solutions for motorcycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, beach bikes, etc., such as: tire loading and inflation equipment, frame pressure bowl coding equipment, front fork shock absorption and pressure mounting equipment, etc.GCD also provides supporting equipment for the production of lead-acid batteries and automatic equipment solutions for the assembly of household hardware and switch sockets.
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About Us

Foshan GCD Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is an enterprise specializing in the overall solution of factory automation and high-end intelligent equipment. GCD is committed to providing the overall solution of production automation for small vehicles such as two-wheeled vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, four-wheeled electric vehicles, motorcycles, beach cars, and providing cost-effective and competitive intelligent equipment products. At present, the company has obtained nearly 30 patents and has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province for two consecutive times.

The technical research and development personnel of the company have more than 20 years of experience in well-known Japanese enterprises, and have rigorous thinking and craftsmanship spirit. GCD will always adhere to the original intention, be customer-oriented, continue to provide better products and services, lead the development of the industry, and grow together with customers!

GCD has always adhered to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, combined with the needs of the industry, continuously improved the intelligent technology, led the development of the industry, and contributed to China's intelligent equipment manufacturing industry!

Founded in 2015
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Full-automatic Tire Mounting and Inflating Solution
As a solution provider of automatic production equipment for two-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, beach cars and other vehicle enterprises, GCD has customized various tire loading and inflating equipment for customers, such as: single-station automatic tire loading machine, double-station automatic tire loading and inflating machine, double-station automatic tire loading and inflating machine, three-station linear tire loading and inflating machine, motorcycle tire automatic tire loading and inflating machine with inner tube Five-station beach car automatic tire loading and inflating machine, six-station automatic tire loading and inflating machine, disc brake disc automatic locking screw machine, traditional bird head tire picking machine, single-station tire loading machine, etc. At present, Yadi, Tailing, Xinri, Qianjiang, Baodao and other famous electric motorcycle brands are all provided with tire loading and inflation equipment solutions by GCD.

GCD focuses on the complete vehicle assembly automation solutions for small vehicles such as motorcycles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, beach cars, and the production automation solutions for lead-acid batteries. With its leading technology and industry experience, it has won the favor of well-known enterprises such as Xinri Electric Vehicle, Tailing Electric Vehicle, Yadi Electric Vehicle, Baodao Electric Vehicle, Saige Electric Vehicle, Qianjiang Motorcycle, Lishi Battery, Tangshen Battery, Greebo Battery, and established a stable cooperative relationship. Provide solutions for automatic tire mounting and inflation, automatic frame assembly equipment and automatic production of lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, light electric motorcycles, motorcycles, electric tricycles, tricycles, beach bikes, etc.