After-Sale Service

1. Fast delivery service

Lead time around 2-6weeks.

2. Installation and commissioning

Our company is responsible for providing professional installation and commissioning services when the equipment arrives at the location designated by the customer.

3. Technical support

Pre-sales technical guidance and after-sales professional training.

4. Remote Assistance

Our engineers provide telephone, email, video and other remote assistance services

5. Crash Recovery

Quickly solve the problem by telephone or the engineer handles the problem at home.

6. Regional effectiveness

For customers outside the province, we promise to provide solutions within 24 hours or arrange engineers to come to solve.

7. One-year Warranty

One-year free warranty service for the complete machine. In addition to man-made damage and force majeure factors, if the equipment has quality problems, our company promises that the maintenance service and material costs will be completely free.

8. Lifetime Maintenance

Provide lifelong technical support services for over-guaranteed equipment.