How to solve the problem of uneven marking effect of laser marking machine?

2023-02-13 13:49
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Laser marking machines are becoming more and more popular in the market of marking product LOGO, production date, production batch, exquisite pattern, anti-counterfeit code, etc. in the pharmaceutical packaging, hardware accessories, auto parts, electronic market, handicrafts, food packaging and other industries, thus abandoning the traditional screen printing, inkjet printing and other methods that are not only consumable and environmentally friendly. Laser marking machines also have their own long life and fast marking speed, The advantages of high precision show its irreplaceable advantages.

But when using the laser marking machine to process the workpiece, you may sometimes encounter some problems. Have you ever encountered the problem of uneven marking effect of the laser marking machine? If you happen to encounter this kind of problem, then next, Guanchengda Machinery will analyze with you the reasons and solutions for the uneven marking effect of the laser marking machine.

Reason 1: The laser beam output path is blocked or the field mirror and the mirror inside the galvanometer are damaged

Each machine will undergo dimming correction before the laser equipment manufacturer leaves the factory. However, due to transportation and other reasons, the laser head, fixture and galvanometer may not have the same path, resulting in the laser beam output path being blocked, resulting in uneven effect due to different power acting on the processed products. Second, the galvanometer or the lens in the field mirror is damaged. When the laser beam is focused by the field mirror through the galvanometer, it can not reflect out well, which makes the laser energy produced by the intact lens area and the damaged area inconsistent, resulting in uneven marking effect.

Solution: readjust the position deviation of the laser head, fixing fixture and galvanometer, readjust it, check whether the lenses in the galvanometer and field mirror are damaged or broken, and replace them in time.

Reason 2: The laser processing range is beyond or critical to the field mirror range

Each laser marking machine will be equipped with a field mirror within a certain range, such as the maximum range of 300 mm * 300 mm, but its actual marking range cannot reach this value. If the content of the product you need to process is beyond or just within this range, you will find that the marking effect at the boundary will appear uneven.

Solution: select the field mirror suitable for the same laser processing range of your own products.

Reason 3: the reason of processing material itself

Due to the problem of the material itself, the most obvious influence on the uneven marking effect is the product with black aluminum oxide. If you touch such a product, you will know that the marking effect of the same product will vary in color with the same parameter. This is mainly caused by the different oxidation time of each product, so this requires higher oxidation parameters of the material itself.

Solution: For products requiring physical or chemical treatment, the oxidation time and method must be strictly controlled.

Reason 4: The processed products are not placed on the same plane, inclined or not parallel to the optical path

The laser marking machine has a fixed focus when working, and its light is the strongest only on the focus. So once the placed products or fixtures are not parallel to the ground or the laser light path, there will be some products whose surface is not centered above the focus, which will lead to uneven marking effect.

Solution: check whether the fixed position of the machine is stable and whether the placed product or fixture is inclined.

The solution to the uneven marking effect of the laser marking machine should be checked and solved one by one as described above. If it still cannot be solved, you can contact the after-sales service of Guanchengda Machinery (laser marking machine manufacturer) for technical guidance.